Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello! I know it has been a week or so that I haven't posted.. I wasn't feeling good with my PMS... My PMS was over yesterday, yay! I tried my best to watch out what I ate and drank alot of water. I decided to weight myself today to see if I gain or lost any after my PMS. I was surprised to see that I have lost 4lbs :-) So total since April 23rd (the day I decided to start my weight loss journey) I have lost total of 17lbs! :-) I'm just glad that my PMS didn't affected my weight to gain! :-)

I tried to have more fiber daily and noticed it does help with my weight loss. I try not to eat so much of fibers.. but just to have fiber in me daily does help! Water Water Water are the best drink!! I'm glad I stayed on the water since!

It has been rained for maybe 2 or 3 days during the week so I didn't get to walk outside much during the week but I did kept myself active in my house like clean, laundry, etc.

I'm so thrilled to know I lost 4 lbs even after PMS! :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 ounces

I know I mentioned in one of my old posts that I will weight myself once a month but I was tempted to do this today. I haven't weighted myself since last week Saturday.. so I weighted myself today, I gained 4 ounces, which means I have lost 13 lbs. Well, 4 ounces isn't bad. Maybe it has to do with the water retention ? My PMS is supposed to come up soon so I hope this won't affect my week of trying to lose my weight. I have heard that with PMS, you won't lose a pound or more for that week bec of PMS. Is this true ? Is there a way we can make sure this PMS doesn't prevent us from losing a pound or more for that week?

I can feel different .. feel that my shirt is getting big on me.. which is good. My husband can see a little different on my stomach :-) So that's good :-)

Hope that I can get rid of 4 ounces and continue to lose more :-)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weight day updated!

I have lost 3 lbs!!! That's great! so for since 2 weeks, I have lost total of 13.4 lbs! :-)

I didn't take pictures for this morning breakfast...

I had a egg sandwich (with whole wheat breads) like the picture in yesterday's post, also Yogurt too and a banana and water that's all all 9 points total :-)

Have a great mother's day weekend! :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Snack , Lunch Snack Dinner Snack

I had all of them in small meals and am gonna post it up here so you can get ideas of what I ate! I drank water rest of all day. I had a long day. I helped my husband to mow the yard , felt like I did alot of walks :-D Then kids played outside getting wet and had fun!

So here's the meals I had today....

For my mid morning snack : Strawberries & 1 piece of Weight Watchers Cheese String (They are only 1 point! ) and water!






Then for my lunch : Salad with 2 TBSP dressing, water and Lean Cusinie Spaghetti with meat sauce


My Mid Afternoon Snack : 2 laughing cows light swiss cheese wedges and 6 Melba Toasts


Then for Dinner : I had Smart Ones Sante Fe , Water and then Strawberries as a dessert :-)


For evening Snack (after Dinner) like 830pm, I had two weight watchers Cheese strings and a yogurt and water .. there's pics above of cheese and yogurt that's what I had them again for snack.

Now I'm done with the foods. All I do is continue drinking my water :-) I have drank total of 64oz Water today , still drinking more water! :-)

I guess that's it for now. I'll update my weight loss tomorrow. I hope it's gonna be good amount of loss!

Good Night!


Hi, Sorry I haven't posted since last Saturday. I was going to post it everyday but when I got on here.. I was thinking what to say ? I wasn't sure what to say.. so I'm like ok I'll post later & left here.. then came back then left...

Now I'm here! :-)

I thought I'd let you all know about check out my friend's blog. She was on her healthy lifestyle and had posted some but she fall off the wagon and stopped posting.. til she did last night bec of me inspired her :-) She want to try start over again... so I read her posts.. wow nobody has left her comments.. I think it'd be great if any of you stop by her blog and leave her some wonderful comments that might will keep her going! I think this will probably help her keep going and not QUIT! Her blog link is on your right side of my blog.. where it said accountability factor, click that and check this out!

Ok now about me! I'm doing good. I went to wal-mart yesterday and parked my vehicle on the lot that's long way from the wal-mart so that I can walk long up to the wal-mart then more walks in wal-mart then walk back to my vehicle from wal-mart.. I did that!! Then I went to Kroger store to do groceries shopping.. I did parked long way from Kroger just so I can walk longer to the Kroger then walked alot in the kroger then walked long back to my vehicle! I felt I have walked ALOT! Also when I arrived my home, I had to carry the bags into my home then back ot my van, where I did alot of stairs there then :-) My feet/leg felt sore.. but that's good bec it tells me wow how much I haven't walked in a LONG time before and now I do alot of walks and can feel it alot in my feet and legs :-)

I am on my 2 weeks of water!! no sodas none!! Look at myself, I made it.. Water for 2 weeks, no SODAS!!! I did it!

I feel alot better, no headaches, or nervous or anything, it's gone.. I think bec I'm used to water!!!! :-D

I remember back then when I was drinking ALOT of sodas.. my heart did felt so fast, like not right.. so I was scared about this.. so I quit.. and stay on water since.. my heart felt normal now.. not fast or anything bad! So I can see why.. SODAS are way bad!!!

Ok I'm still on my weight watchers plan.. so my daily target is 40 points. I have made my breakfast this morning along with took the pics of them! I had a orange juice this morning.. but orange juice I had is low calories! only 1 point for 8 oz of orange juice! They tasted good!

Ok heres the pictures of what I had for breakfast. I tried my best to eat breakfast as in bigger.. then rest of days with small meals and water.. so for breakfast, total points is 11.5 so I have remain 28.5 points to use for rest of day.





That's all I ate for breakfast. I also took a multivitamin!

soo for rest of day, I plan to clean some in my house then go to post office then my bank to make a deposit then back to home and will pick my kids up from school later on this afternoon.

I'll do the walk later this afternoon...

So I guess that's it for today. I'll be back to update my weight loss tomorrow. I am thinking about start posing my loss of weight every 2 weeks, not every week so starting after tomorrow, I won't post update of my weight loss for 2 weeks.. but I'll continue posting whatever I want to say :-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ABC's To Success

I found this from and thought this is great motivation!

ABC's To Success

Acknowledge that you know what to do

Believe that you have the ability to do it

Courage do what needs to be done

Deciding that today is the day

Enjoying the journey

Forgiving yourself and moving on

Going for your goal

Hearing the compliments

Inviting success into your life

Journaling everything that goes in your mouth

Keep coming to WW when you feel like quitting

Loving yourself enough to change your lifestyle

Making delicious meals

Not ever giving up on yourself

Offer to share your new knowledge with others

Patience with the journey...the weight did not come on overnight

Quiet time for yourself

Remind yourself all of the reasons you are doing this

Self-talk that is positive and repetitive

Turning to solutions instead of food for "problems"

Using all of your "tools" for success

Visiting other meetings during the week if you need support

Wanting success with your weight loss more than you want that "treat"

Xerox copies of your favorite recipes

You alone can do this, but you don't have to do it alone

Zero in on your goals and move toward them one pound at a time



I have lost 7.4 lbs so as I said last weekend that I lost 3 lbs so I have lost total of 10.4 so far!!

I know that sounds too much but I did researched on the internet and it says that for first to 2 weeks, may lose weight rapidly bec of water then after that it should be back to normal to lose between 1 to 3 lbs a week.

I'm thrilled bec now I know that I got to stay on water all the time bec it'll help me keep losing my weight. Please pray that I won't give up on this bec I don't want to. Some days I have had hard time when I see my husband drank sodas... I'm like aww I'd love to have one but then I think no no Amy, you got overweight bec of that so stop Amy.. stay with water and you will lose your weights off.. and just remember and think why I need to lose my weight is bec of my kids' future and good examples for them too plus my future grandchildren that I'd love to be more active with them and last thing is that I don't want end up with diabetics or anything like that if I continue gaining my weights.... so I got to think.. My mom used to be fat at like maybe 250lbs and she lost her weight on her own within one year and a half If I'm not mistaken when I was teenager.. so she can do this.. and made this... if she can do it so I can do this too. I got to think not to give up! Keep going, Amy!! :-)

As you know I'm on my weight watchers plan , it seems help me alot to keep track foods online that I have ate and click for amount of waters I drank up to what they recommends. I take Multi-Vitamin every mornings.

Monday is my groceries shopping so I plan to get alot of chickens , maybe fishes for me.. I think my kids should try fishes too :-) I'm gonna plan my foods tomorrow and also plan foods for my kids and hubby bec they don't really eat like I do now. I plan to take pics of what I ate everyday and post it here so you all can get ideas of what I ate or drink, I'll start that on Monday if I have time doing this. I'll try my best to post everyday but I didn't do the past 2 days bec I was busy with kiddos at school for field day and all that others went on.

One friend I know told me that I should eat a little bigger breakfast then rest of all day small meals and snacks? Bec breakfast is mostly important of the day, must eat them.. they suggest that I drink only one coffee, nothing more than one cup of coffee. I'm trying to think what kind of bigger breakfast should it be for the mornings?? I like omelet, or egg and a bacon or french toasts or A egg sandwich...oatmeal but only with bananas in it or cinnamon and apples in it that's all I like, not a plain oatmeal. If you have any suggest about breakfast that I could eat, please leave a comment.. I'd love to know and maybe try this too.

I found another site that seems to be more helpful and might be what you all would like to check this out.. it's the address

They are pretty much about weight watchers stuff and have recipes etc.. I thought wow, what's a great site! Best of all is they are free! So I'm gonna add this link onto the side bar of my blog.

So today is Saturday, I plan to clean around my house and finish the laundry and take my step daughter to her friend's to spend one night with her then get refills meds from Walgreens then head back to home.... and stay at home and relax but I plan to keep doing something around in my house anyway.. My husband needs to mow the yard! I don't know if he'll do this or not.

Well, I guess that's all to say for now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introduce myself ...

In my last post, I mentioned that I'll post a new one to tell you a little about myself since I realized that I didn't post about myself in my first post so here ya go :-)

My name is Amy. I'm 32 year old. I married to a wonderful man - Adam. I have two boys age 11 and 10 from my previous relationship and two step children, a girl age 8 and a boy age 9 living with us too... yep so handful but not that hard :-) I am a stay at home mom. I get my breaks from them while they go to school. I'm hearing impaired like a deaf. I could read lip pretty good so you'd probably be thinking "oh that makes sense of why all of her posts grammar aren't that exactly making a sense" I tried my best to write a good grammar to make sure you all understands what I'm saying.

Our 4 children could hear and knows sign language. :-) My husband is also a deaf too. He works full time as a tire - oil changer.

I have tried to lose my weights in past few times but always fall off the wagon every time bec I wasn't too commitment to this. I kept gave up bec I didn't had good supports from anyone back then but now I think I do have a good supports from my facebook friends :-)

I started my weight journey again last Thursday April 22nd.. as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that I sneaked in and have lost 3lbs. I haven't weighted myself again and won't weight myself until this Saturday morning. I hope I'll see more pounds going down on Saturday!

I'm following the weight watchers plan. They are so easier to keep track etc especially if your doing online.. that's what I'm doing this. My target points now is 39... so for the past few days, I have stayed below and up to this points and haven't went over on this :-) I think weight watchers is so easy to manage.. they aren't like diet.. its like you can eat almost anything you like but make sure your doing in a right portion serving size and that you haven't went over your points target then you should be fine as long as you do exercises

I'm starting out with walking plans for now .. and have printed out the walking challenge from my weight watchers online.. I started with 1/2 mile in 10 mins yesterday and today I did 3/4 mile in 13 mins... but I know I did walked alot yesterday more than what it said on the paper bec I went to stores etc yesterday...

Today I did walked pretty good .. I parked in a parking lot far from store today :-) I think it'll do me good :-)

I have been carrying water bottles with me to anywhere just trying to make this as a new habit to stick with water :-)

I have been on water for 5 days now.... no sodas! GOOD FOR ME! I'm feeling more better and better and a little energy increases since.. it just kept me to do something around in my house etc :-) When I was on alot of sodas, I didn't felt any energy that much none.. but now on water for 5 days and I have felt better and little more energy lately like it would increase a little more and more everyday... wow looking at how much I have missed alot of my times in past while wasting on sodas! I'm feeling more confidence that I can do this and don't give up!

I'd appreciate if my facebook friends keep supports by leaving me wonderful words , those words does keep me going and going! Thank you Facebook Friends!

Ok to the meals I have ate today...

Breakfast : I had a whole wheat breads with a egg as an sandwich and a coffee

Lunch : I had a lean cusine spaghetti with meat sauce, They are so GOOD! only 6 points! You should try this if you haven't tried this.

Dinner : I had a lean cusine spaghetti with meat sauce again along with a whole wheat bread and a slice of turkey in it all for just 9 points! Not bad...

I did had snacks between my meals, I had a banana then in afternoon, I had a cup of strawberries, Fruits are SOO GOOD.. They are better snacks than junk snacks!

So for tonight snack which will be in a hour from now, I'm gonna have strawberries again, love them!! probably mix them up with slices of apples :-)

I have been drinking total of 58oz of water today and as currently am still drinking more water :-)

Tomorrow, I'm gonna walk for 15 mins but I might will do more than that bec I'm going somewhere again tomorrow.

I guess that's it for tonight.. :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010


If you drink too much sodas or have been doing this everyday , all day.. you should think about quit or reduce it alot better bec I was on sodas all the time, all day nothing else.. yep that's true.. so I quit on the sodas last Thursday.. put myself on water alot, I did experienced irritables, nervous, restless , headaches and sometimes feels dizzy a bit bec I was going through withdrawal of caffeine, they aren't fun to go through this!! I'm doing alot better now, been on water for 4 days now , but still experiences the headaches and nervous a bit.. but when I feel nervous, I just grab a fruit, it did helped for this nervous to go away. I can't wait for this experience of withdrawal to go away, hopefully in few days...

I had to keep myself busy and busy cleaning alot in my house than I normally did and I felt good about this then I went to grocery store to shop for few healthy foods then famly dollar to pick few things then went to the post office to check for my mails then went to school to pick my kids up.. it seems like I have walked alot pretty good and drank alot of water.

I had a egg with wheat breads as sandwich for breakfast and had a coffee but no sugar in it then for lunch, I had a ham with wheat breads as sandwich and water also a banana too so for dinner, not sure yet.. probably lean cusinie spaghetti, I love this Lean Cusinie Spaghetti, they are soo GOOD! along with salad and water.

I guess that's all for now.. I better start the dinner.

I think I should post new one tonight to introduce myself, tell you a little about me, myself and I. I realized I didn't do this in my first new post! So sorry about this.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today is Sunday! So pretty outside!! The weatherman mentioned that it'll be hails and tornado today but so far I don't see this kind of weather yet.. so pretty outside.. hope this will stay that way for rest of day.

I am not supposed to weight myself until Saturday but I sneaked this morning to weight myself.. I have lost 3lbs already!!! Water is working!!! :-D Not only this water, I did eat in right serving portion sizes etc.. I guess those does help too!

For Breakfast I had 3 cups of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.

I haven't decided on what to eat for lunch and dinner and snacks yet..

I was looking for more weight loss stories so I found this one

I was thinking wow, amazing and wonderful jobs those people did! If they can do this then I can do this too!! :-)

You should check them out!

I was going to post some links on my blog (on your right side of blog) so that people can try and check them out for inspirations !!

Well, I guess that's all I can think of to say for now. I'll update later night :-)

Have a good day! God Bless you all!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here's what I have ate today so far...

Breakfast - Leftover chicken salad sandwich and a banana and about 3 cups of Coffee.

Lunch - Lean Cusine - Spaghetti with meat sauce

Snack - Banana and Chex mix trails (1/2 cup)

Dinner - Healthy Choice - Chicken with Alfredo Sauce (it has broccoli in them), a wheat sandwich with a tuna inside.

I'm not sure what my snack for night will be yet..

I have drank alot of waters!!! Have made to 64oz today!

I went outside and helped my husband by mowed the yard .. I did about a half of acre then he did rest of them. My legs felt sore, I guess due to myself haven't been walked too LONG like mowed the half acre of yard.... but I'm glad I did it today.

Weather out here looks so windy and rain should be here soon, Storm should be coming up here.. we were supposed to have hails and possible of tornados tomorrow so hopefully those won't be that bad ....

Well, I guess that's all I can think of to say for now.


It seems so hard going through this as withdrawal from SODAS !! I got to STICK to WATER.. no going back to SODAS.. I hope the withdrawal feeling will be gone soon!

I didn't had a good sleep last night bec I had to wake up 3 times overnight just to go to the bathroom to pee due to drank alot of water.

That's worse than when you been on sodas you don't wake up that often overnights but now with water, you will.. I guess bec it's cleaning me out??

I'm drinking my coffee now in hoping this will wake me up WIDE! so that I can get things done around here and if weather is all good, gonna take my kiddos out to the park! :-)

I had leftover chicken sandwich for breakfast bec it has protein plus fiber in bread ..also had one med banana all for breakfast just to fill me up til lunch time.. After I'm done with my coffee, gonna stay on drinking water and water :-)

I keep thinking, Amy, you are doing great, you are going to lose your weight! Great job, Amy!!! It's all I'm trying to think in myself.. I can do it!

I guess that's all to say for now...

Good Morning!

I wonder what's the best time to go out for a walk ?? before or after Breakfast?? or at anytime ??

Walking is gonna be my first exercise to start off ... I did walked around outside yesterday but that was after Lunch so I'm not sure if that's good??

I'd appreciate for your tips if you can leave me a comment below here :-)

The Weatherman on TV said it is possible to have some rains and storm out here so I'm not sure if I'll be able to take my kiddos out to the park today.. so wait and see how the weather is gonna be today.

Have a good day!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello !! This is gonna be my weight loss journey that I'll try update new posts every other days. This is my first day all over again ... GOOD NEWS - I have drank total of 64 oz water all day nothing other kind of beverages! Just WATER! The only thing that drives me nut is visiting my bathroom so often than I used to bec of WATER! :-D

I have ate pretty good today.. For Breakfast, I had one serving of omelet and a coffee with a little milk, sugar and a bit of cream (fat free).

I did had 3 cups of Coffee..must have them but I'm trying not to drink so much of this Coffee.

For Lunch, I had a turkey with wheat bread, Sandwich

For Snack, I had 1/2 cup of Chex mix trails

For Dinner, I had a chicken salad sandwich (with wheat breads)

For snack after dinner, I had one medium banana...

I drank alot of water all day.

I did walked around .. I'd say about 1/2 mile around outside. I walked for like 10 mins.. I'm trying to follow the walking challenge I found on Weight Watchers that they have for starter....

I'm trying to think good positive.. think all about how I want to go back and be thin again like I used to be way before I had kids.. I'd love to have this healthy and shape again.. I'd love to be more active and be able to do alot of things with my children and future grandchildren.

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, I'm gonna take my kiddos out to the park, that way I have something to walk around more up there :-)

I hope I'd have more friends out here to leave me a comment, even just to say Awesome or whatever.. It'd make me feel like I can keep going and going .. I'd appreciate for this.

I'm an AVON rep.. so good thing that I'm this rep bec I can walk out and handle the brochures out etc.. something else to do to keep me walk and walk around :-) I'll try take easy on myself , not pushing myself so hard :-)

I guess that's it for now.. so Have a good Night. I'll try update more sometimes this weekend or on Monday.