Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello! I know it has been like 9 months since I haven't posted anything. I gave up, yes I did. :/

A couple months ago I learned I have hypothyroidism. My doctor told me that my thyroid test is showing that my thyroid gland is not making enough thyroid hormone. This condition is called hypothyroidism and she said this condition can cause fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, heavy periods bec my body does not have enough thyroid hormone to make many functions in the body work properly.

I was thinking wow .. no wonder I have tried everything to lose my weight and only lost at least 20 lbs at one time and other time 5 lbs so on.. but nothing more than 20lbs. I was thinking maybe I was not doing good enough but I know I did everything to eat and drink healthy and some walking too. I was still not able to lose more lbs off.

My doctor said the treatment is very simple, but taking the medication on a daily basis is very important. Without the medication (which is synthetic thyroid hormone developed in a laboratory), above symptoms can continue and worsen. The medication that I'm taking is called synthroid. She said taking it regularly is what will get me treated.

After taking synthroid for few weeks, my body's ability to burn calories will improve and I may start to experience some weight loss or at least stop gaining weight.

I have to go back to see the doctor about 8-12 weeks after I start on the medication to do another blood test and may increase the dose as well.

Other than that, glad to know that my blood count is good, no anemia. My chemistry is normal. No diabetes. however my vitamin b12 is 408 which is in the low to mid normal range. I should start on a one a day multivitamin daily.

So I have been researching online about hypothyroidism.. a bit confusing for me like take a pill on a empty stomach and can't eat anything for the next 30 min to 1 hour! Also can't take anything calcium or iron for the next 4 hours after taking the medicine! It frustrates me bec many breakfast I like does have calcium so I don't know what else to eat! I think the multivitamin has iron in it so I couldn't take it until around after lunch time! I feel like this is so silly to wait on those just bec of my medicine.. bec if eat something after taking a medicine or have something to eat that has to do with calcium or iron within during first 4 hours, this will not work good with my medicine for my thyroid.

I have joined a couple groups that's about hypothyroidism and have asked them what kind of breakfast do they eat etc.. none of them responded, ugh! It seems like those groups aren't too activity right now.

If you are reading this and knows you have hypothyroidism, please help me and tell me what kind of breakfast can I eat that doesn't have calcium or iron in it?? How did you deal with your hypothyroidism?

I did stop taking medicine for few weeks bec I feel like so confused and not really understand everything exactly of how this is supposed to work and how I'm supposed to eat! I love to eat boiled eggs or omelet or a egg sandwich etc but not sure if I can eat those a hour after I took my medicine? bec I'm not sure if they have calcium in it? I believe they do have protein which is good.

Now I'm starting back on the medicine and I know I won't see the different on this for few weeks. I'm learning more about hypothyroidism. I am hoping I'll find a blog or someone's story about this and what their meals plans are like etc so maybe I can try those what they do if I like those kind of meals to eat.

I'm starting again with my weight loss journey today.. but I know it won't be easy and it's kinda hard doing that bec there's no motivation or supports for me. I hope that I'll hear back from more people on my page for a better motivations & supporters for me.

I'll start to walk out on my street for 10 minutes for a week and increase 2 to 5 minutes each week if I feel comfort with this to go up.

I found out that drinking lemon water daily can help with weight loss? I'm not sure if that's true.. but I see a lot people commented about this that it did worked and helped them to be able to lose weight.. just stay on lemon water and eat healthy foods and walk everyday. I don't know if lemon water is good idea? I know the lemon can damage teeth.. but they suggested to use straw when drinking this.

One female posted about lemon water and said she had lost like 3 lbs a week with that. Her routine daily on this is:
1. drink lemon water in the morning
2. put lemon in daily water
3. Eat a fruit only breakfast
4. Eat a subway veggie delight sandwich or equivalent for lunch
5. Eat whatever the heck I want for dinner, and
6. Drink lime water before going to bed.

I don't know if that sounds good. I feel like maybe you aren't eating enough calories in order to lose weight?

Have anyone tried that before?

I guess that's it for now.